lyle_harmonic-cover Harmonic Crusader, 2009 (Infrared)

“Similar in scope to Tabula Rasa, 2009’s Harmonic Crusader once again features an album of sonic guitar soundscapes ranging from experimental, orchestral film score inspired epics to full blown instrumental rock-jazz workouts.”

– Robert Silverstein, Music Web Express 3000

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Harmonic Crusader can be purchased here:
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Abstract Logix

Players on Harmonic Crusader

Lyle – electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards, marxophone
Vinnie Colaiuta – drums
Simon Phillips – drums
Gary novak – drums
Matt Laug – drums
Jeff Babko – organ , piaon
Patrick Warren – marxophone, orchestral bells
Jimmy Johnson – bass
Jimmy Earl – bass
Mike Elizondo – bass
Sean Hurly – bass
MB Gordy – vibes, marimba, glockenspiel, timpani, percussion
Chris Bleth – clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, flute, piccolo flute,
english horn
John mason – french horn
Lori Andrews – harp
Mario Gonzales – trumpet, fugelhorn
Stevie Blacke – violin, viola, cello
Eric Gorfain – violin
Daphne Chen – violin
Leah Katx – viola
Richard Dodd – cello
Charlie Bisharat – violin
Cameron Stone – Cello
Trey Henry – double bass
Jon Button – double bass

lyle_tabula-cover tabula rasa (tab-oo-lah rah-sah), 2000

“While never losing sight of his rock roots, Workman’s music can be diverse, challenging, occasionally complicated yet always melodic and emotional, the tunes imbued with a romantic flair that tugs at the heart.”

– Charles Owen

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Tabula Rasa can be purchased here:

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Players on Tabula Rasa

Lyle Workman – electric and acoustic guitars / baritone guitar/ b-bender / guitar / bass / mandolin / keyboards / synthesizer / guitar synthesizer / kantele

Toss Panos – drums
Dave Ristrim – pedal steel / banjo
Dave Gregory – keyboards / string arrangement
Mike Kennealy – vocals
Jeff Babko – fender roades / organ
Mike Elizondo – bass / double bass
Lance Morrison – bass
Doug Lunn – bass
Luis Conte – percussion
Brian Macleod – percussion
Scott Mayo – sax
Terry Glenny – violin
Karen Elaine Bakunin – violin/viola
Benedict Fischer – violin
Mellisa Reiner – violin
John Krovoza – cello
Kate Reddish – viola

Purple Passages, 1995

“Lyle Workman’s astonishing album Purple Passages reveals a musician of consummate skill, creativity and taste. He virtually single-handedly crafts a great bunch of tunes with meticulous care, abandoning the usual guitar hero cliches in favor of melody, texture, and feel. Purple Passages should put Lyle Workman’s name on anybody’s list of favorite players – he’s already on mine.”

– Dave Gregory, XTC

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Purple Passages can be purchase at:

Guitar 9

Players on Purple Passages

Lyle Workman – electric and acoustic guitars / bass / drum programs / mandolin / keyboards / synthesizer / guitar synthesizer / kantele
Roger Powell – organ
Stan Cotey – organ
Prairie Prince – cymbals
Marc Russo – sax
Murray Orrich – Harmonica

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