Discography » US Metal Volume 1

U.S. Metal, Vol. 1
Various Artists

To this day I get asked if i participated on this record, a compilation of then unknown “heavy metal” players around the world discovered by Shrapnel records head Mike Varney. It’s remarkable he was able to find these players, as this was the early eighties long before the internet. At that time I was in a local band playing clubs, and the bassist had been in a band with guitarist Pat Thrall, an amazing player well known to rock guitar slingers. My fuzzy recollection is that Pat told Varney about me, and so I was asked to send a demo of my playing which sealed the deal. Even though I capable of speedy fretwork, I was never a metal guitarist, but in the interest of being on a record, any record, I was happy to write a song that had metal leanings and showcase the kind of playing I thought would land me the position. So here it, my first appearance on a record, visibly indicated by my image on the cover ready to ram a bayonet on end of my ES-335 (a very UN-metal guitar) into the “enemy”.


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