Discography » Jellyfish – Spilt Milk

Spilt Milk

I was a huge fan of the first Jellyfish record. When I first heard it, I was unaware that the band was from my neck of the woods in the San Francisco Bay Area. Somehow I got in touch with the creative force, Andy Sturmer and Roger Manning, and excitedly offered my services should they need a guitarist. They took me up on the offer, and I recorded on their demos (on eight track cassette!) for what was to become “Spilt Milk”, eventually re-recording the songs in Los Angeles. I’m asked about this record; what songs I’m playing on as the guitar credits are not listed per track. The main guitar duties were split between myself and the sensational Jon Brion, usually one of us playing all guitar parts of a given song. “New Mistake”, “Glutton of Sympathy”, and “Ghost at Number One” are me, and a part or two of mine is scattered throughout. One of the coolest records I’ve ever been involved in. To this day I work frequently with Roger Manning. We toured together in Beck’s (Hansen) band for two years, and he is one of the greatest persons to work and hang with.


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