Discography » Todd Rundgren – Nearly Human

Todd Rundgren
Nearly Human

After producing YoYo, Todd kept the members of Bourgeois Tagg on board to for this record. I was filled with excitement with him producing the band I was in, but doubly so being asked to play on HIS record. My then girlfriend (and now wife) lived in Marin County just minutes from Todd’s house, so I stopped by his place by to pick up a cassette of a few songs we were to record. Todd invited me in and played some demos in his living room. The songs were so beautiful and amazing, and realizing that I was to participate in them was such a fantastic feeling. It was a musician’s dream come true. Recording this record was so much fun. We would arrive at the studio, rehearse the song and record it live with no overdubs. Todd is a musical genius, and it was inspirational getting an inside look at how he worked.


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