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Bourgeois Tagg

Our second for Island Records. Todd Rundgren was brought in to produce which was very exciting to us, being big fans and loving the XTC record “Skylarking” that Todd had recently produced.

A notable occurrence was fracturing my ankle playing racquetball, days after settling into Todd’s guest house adjacent to his studio in Woodstock, N.Y. I was taken to a hospital and bandaged up, and for the entire stay had to be assisted from the guest house to the studio in the snow. Todd’s studio control room was UPSTAIRS, and to hear playbacks I had to ascend and descend one stair at a time on my rear, which landed me the nickname “Gimpy” from our illustrious producer.

“I Don’t Mind At All” was a scrappy acoustic guitar demo I submitted to Brent Bourgeois, who masterfully added lyrics and a great turnaround to the chorus. I had put a few song ideas on cassette for him and cautiously included this track feeling it wasn’t Bourgeois Tagg fare. Even though it was a departure from the rest of our material, our band demo yielded enough positive feedback to warrant it album material. It ended up being our biggest single, gained good airplay with consequent appearances on several TV shows on both sides of the pond. It was incredible to me a that a little diddy recorded in a crummy little bedroom could lead to all that.


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