Fuse Magazine & Music Web Express 3000 review Tabula Rasa - Posted on June 24th, 2000


Tabula Rasa
By Dave Dorkin

Guitarist Lyle Workman has turned out a beautiful and mature disc of instrumental prog-rock-fusion on this his second solo effort. Workman’s compositions range from Dregs-ish twang to symphonic pomp executed with precision and class. Any fan of instrumental rock and strong solos and melodies will want to pick this up. Guests include Luis Conte on percussion, Toss Panos on drums, Jeff Babko on keys and Mike Keneally on vocals on the hypnotic “Inhale.” Recommended.


Tabula Rasa
By Robert Silverstein

As far as guitar-based instrumental progressive rock fusion music goes, it doesn’t get much better than Tabula Rasa. Conceived of and created by guitar wiz Lyle Workman, Tabula Rasa is a work of pure sonic genius. Throughout the album, Workman demonstrates his creative expertise on a number of instruments ranging from electric and acoustic guitars to mandolin, guitar synthesizer, bass, keyboards, kantele and drums. A master of musical genres – from rock to eclectic prog-fusion, Workman is further assisted by key players such as Toss Panos (drums), XTC member Dave Gregory (keyboards, strings) and guitar great Mike Keneally appearing as lead vocalist on the album’s only vocal track, “Inhale”. For those unfamiliar with the California native, Workman was influenced early on by greats like Hendrix, Townshend and later Yes and Mahavishnu Orchestra. Following his time in the pop group Bourgeois Tagg, Workman recorded a pair of early ‘90s albums with Todd Rundgren and later worked with the pop outfit Jellyfish and most recently with pop artist Beck. The follow-up to his mid-90’s debut CD, Purple Passages, Tabula Rasa is a mind-blowing musical statement from a guitarist who obviously deserves a great deal of praise and recognition.

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